How Do We Get Started?2018-01-11T16:20:54-06:00
  • Pre-qualify – Most homeowners will meet with a bank or mortgage company to confirm the appropriate budget for a new home. Lenders will often provide a prequalification letter. The final mortgage commitment is subject to the actual home, property and improvements meeting appraisal targets. See some of our recommended lenders under PARTNERS.
  • Find the home site – The most important decision is where to put that dream home. Proximity to work, schools, quality of schools, and the price range and restrictions of the community are essential to know before making a selection. Most builders, including Kelly Construction, have substantial information on various communities, so check with your builder before buying.
  • Meet with a Builder – It is always a good idea to meet with Builders to ensure the lot selected is buildable, compatible with the homeowners design, and that any special costs (walk-out lot, unusual excavation, clearing estimate) have been taken into consideration. This will help keep your home on budget. Review plans and selections with the Builder to know the total cost of the home. Know the builder as well, review their work, references and see as much of their product to understand their capabilities and what they can deliver at a given cost. You can contact Kelly Construction @ 219-663-6030
What standard features are included in the home?2018-01-11T16:20:54-06:00

All Kelly Construction Homes Feature:

  • Advantech subflooring
  • 5 Star+ Energy Star CERTIFIED)
  • Amana 95% EFF furnace and 13 SEER air conditioning
  • Appliances included in model homes
  • Full Basements (or basement / crawl space on select models)
  • 200 Amp electric service in steel conduit EMT (except Cottage Homes)
  • Steel reinforced concrete walls & floors
  • Driveways @ 4500 PSI concrete
  • Concrete wall waterproofing for a dry basement
  • Wood drawer cabinets
  • Sidewalks to 80’ (where called for in subdivisions)
  • Ceramic tile bath and foyer floors
  • Delta faucets / Gerber toilets
What other costs may be involved?2015-05-14T21:47:51-06:00

Lot cost, tree removal, landscaping and construction financing, as required, are additional costs needed to complete your home. Since permit and tap fees vary form location to location, these costs may also affect the home price as would on-site well and septic systems. Our proposals typically identify and cover all these costs BEFORE your home is started. Generally, most of the Client upgrades can be identified up front so the add on costs during construction are minimal.

Can we or a relative do some of the work on our home?2018-01-11T16:20:54-06:00

Generally, this is not a good idea. We all have our day jobs. There are insurance considerations for anyone performing work on a home under construction. Our subcontrators are qualified, meet our schedule times and are competitive on their costs. None-the-less, we are always looking for ways to provide the best value to our clients, so we will consider any avenues that are practical.

What are common upgrades?2018-01-11T16:20:54-06:00
  • Fireplaces (we feature Heat-N-Glow direct vent products including peninsula and see through units)
  • Whirlpools (by Jacuzzi, Aquatics and others)
  • Patios or decks (our decks range from treated material to combinations of cedar and Trex for low maintenance)
Can you build on our lot?2018-01-11T16:20:54-06:00

We find that most of our clients have already acquired their property, so most of our homes are built on our Clint’s lots. It is costly for Builders to maintain a large inventory of lots. This increases overhead and subsequently, the Client’s cost. It is also more costly for the Builder to finance a home than the homebuyer; however, Kelly Construction does maintain credit lines to offer that service where it makes the most sense.